Mindfulness – Phoebe’s Belated New Year’s Resolution

January was a blur and February passed in a blink. So with March marching on I’m making a fresh start –  it’s not too late!

It’s all about intention, right?  I had good ones, just slow getting started.

I want to begin each day thoughtful of what I’m going to do and really listening to what my body and mind is telling me. Working on being aware and mindful of both myself and my world.

I’m beginning with baby steps.  Jumping in with big changes and plans would overwhelm my daily routine and I’d quit and feel like a failure.

Why put myself through that?

The point of this whole endeavor is to reduce stress and feel good about myself and my impact on the world.  This is a journey and it may take a while.

View of a path through the Evergaldes from an airboat bow

So here are my first steps:

  • Soften My First Sounds: Rather than starting the day off with an alarm that makes my body tense and startled,  I’m choose an alarm that’s gentle and soothing—chimes, bells, more relaxing music. Allow my body to take in something soothing to start the day (unless the dogs wake me first!)

  • Hydrate Before I Caffeinate: Rather than going straight for the coffee or tea, I will take in a big glass of water. My body is dehydrated— my body needs water, it hasn’t drank water all night long. Then move to my coffee or tea.

  • Observe Nature: Instead of grabbing my Iphone, I will take my cuppa and go outside and take in the sky, take in the Collegiate Peaks and the beautiful scenery that brought me to Buena Vista.  I will give myself time to breathe it all in. Then move on to waking Jane for school, feeding the dogs, cat, horse and chickens, etc, etc, etc.

  • 3 minute Meditation – Mindful Body Check-in: brand new stuff for me, but I can do 3 minutes! 

Nothing huge, but definitely a change to my normal trudge through our mornings!


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