Nothing is better at keeping you warm than a sheepskin hat – handmade with USA hides by us!


Sheepskin facts:

  • a natural insulator

  • moisture wicking – to keep you dry

  • breathable

  • super soft and comfortable…not itchy like wool

  • hypoallergenic

  • flame resistant

  • hand washable with mild detergents

  • GREEN – sustainable and biodegradable

Fun Facts about our Sheepskin Hats…

  • We have sold more than one full coverage sheepskin hat to keep customers warm in Antarctica!
  • We once made a custom hat for a customer to use as a ski helmet!
  • We even had a customer tell us that his sheepskin hat saved his life as he was wearing it when he was hit by falling ice from a roof!

Earflaps or not? Fashion or function? Practical or fun and funky? Newborn to adult, men’s or women’s, all our sheepskin hats are handcrafted in a wide variety of colors and styles – enough to please everyone! AND they make great gifts!!!


Shop in our store on South Main, Buena Vista or online at Sundance Sheepskin and Leather.


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