In Crestone, Colorado, Jeff and Myan Sorensen of Dancing Elk Designs create jewelry using naturally shed deer and elk antlers and occasionally caribou and other non-endangered species. Their design technique enhances the natural shapes, colors and textures of this unique medium.

Each piece of jewelry reveals the best quality of that slice of antler. Additional design elements include stones, porcupine quills, sterling silver and gold-filled accents.

“We’ve lived in the high mountains of Colorado for 40 years and are inspired by, well, everything Nature offers, the wide open vistas, tall pines, the quiet, rocks, streams, animals & starry skies.”

A portion of each sale goes to wildlife protection programs as well.

Check out their  Facebook page!

Next time a hunter you know goes on about their latest conquest, impress him/her with your beyond the basics antler knowledge!

 Did you know …

  1. antler growth and shedding is controlled by the length of daylight?
  2. beam, palm, brow, bez or bay, trez or tray, royal, surroyal, and an advancer are all real terms for antler parts?
  3. the middle of December to the middle of February is considered shed hunting season, when deer, elk, and moose begin to shed?
  4. antlers are popular dog chews that owners can purchase for their pets?
  5. no other mammal grows and sheds parts annually?
  6. antlers are the fastest growing structures in the animal kingdom?




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