Third Eye Pine Cone

I love this company… it’s one of my (many) favorite artists in the store.

Their pendants are handcrafted from the densest pine cone in the world! The tree is called a Knob cone pine and its in the Conifer tree family. This particular tree spans halfway up the Oregon coast down the California coast and into Mexico. Third Eye Pine Cone Pendants come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, silver or gold designs, inlaid stones or ammonites!

Here are a few of my favorites:


The Emerald in the Matrix.  It’s a medium sized cone and the stone is probably one of the most unique and beautiful stones I have ever seen!


The Malachite.   It’s the biggest pine cone pendant we have and the malachite is a gorgeous green with dark green swirls throughout the stone.  It also has a gold inlay of the seed of life symbol.


The Purple Mojave Turquoise  is also one of our largest pendants. I think this stone is amazing.It is genuine Turquoise that has been coated with a purple rosin that bleeds through the entire stone leaving multiple colors in the stone including purple, different blues, and what looks like silver rutilation.

Third eye is eco-friendly and sustainable.  The pine cones are gathered from the wild in the Santa Cruz mountains,  carefully dried, aged, and cured before they cut the cross-section from the “heart” of the pine cone. Now they are ready for stones, butterfly wings or the natural look. The artist takes time in deciding what will be inlaid into the pine cone before sealing it with a wood-working resin to highlight and protect the organic beauty. The rest of the pine cone is then heated, germinated for seed, and returned to the woods.

Come in and see the variety of talismans we have in the store – I am sure we have the perfect pine cone for you or your loved ones!


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